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Walkin' Jim Stoltz: The Sacred Buffalo

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По умолчанию Walkin' Jim Stoltz: The Sacred Buffalo

Исполнитель: Walkin' Jim Stoltz
Название: The Sacred Buffalo
Альбом: Listen To The Earth
Число слов: 400
Число символов: 1739

Am G
1) He was born in Montana, in 1832
G Am
He was a living vision of the sacred choosen few.
Am G
A strong young bull, to lead the buffalo,
G Am
Like a ghost on the plain, hide as white as driven
Am C G Am
Chorus: He was the pride of the buffalo nation,
C D Am
He was the spirit of the Earth's very soul,
D G Am
Good medicine for all creation,
C G Am
He was the last of the sacred buffalo.
2) Part animal, part God; all seeing and all wise,
He knew the web of Life, how all things were tied,
He gave to the wolf, and he gave to the native man,
He gave back to the Earth and prospered o'er the land.

3) The years rolled by, free and untamed,
He led his tribe of millions to and fro across the
The marching of their hooves was the thunder in the
The blood of the prairie, flowing through their veins.
4) And then the white man came, a swirling blood red
They cut his nation down, and swept em to the side,
Death was their God, they never got their fill,
As one by one they hunted down the last herds to kill.
5) 'Twas a fine summer day in 1888,
They found his little band, hidden all away,
Word spread like wildfire, they ran to get their guns,
For the buffalo's last stand, a-grazin' in the sun.
6) He'd known what was coming, he'd seen it in the
He felt the bullets strike, he saw them from afar.
Such rich red blood on that snow white hide,
And then that noble, mighty buffalo layed down and
7) Now there are those who wonder where the mighty
herds have gone,
If you look up to the heavens, their spirits livin' on.
For as the moon's faces darken, and the shadows come
and go,
It's just the racin' of them herds and that sacred
(Final Chorus)

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