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W's: Moses

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По умолчанию W's: Moses

Исполнитель: W's
Название: Moses
Альбом: Fourth From The Last
Число слов: 169
Число символов: 785

Every once and a while I start to contemplate how a person like me could be used by the great God. Then I look at those who lived before me, in their imperfections they showed God's glory. Moses and the burning bush everybody knows that he was always doubting what God could do. Gidion could never understand how God could use, an itty bitty man like me.

(chorus) How can God ever use me? I'm just a nobody. He sees everything about me. What can he see in me?

Peter said at one time I will not fall away even if the consequence of death is what I pay. Before the rooster crows you will deny me three times saying I do not know this man he is no friend of mine. Paul stood by as Stephen died and showed no remorse. Beat down till he was dead. Paul, what a wretched man I am.


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chorus , mose , paul , time , w's song lyrics
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