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Vario Vase

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Author: Bobb Hett
Title: Vario Vase
Word count: 405
Symbols count: 2232
Article text:
Nearly anyone can learn to arrange flowers. You do not have to
be a professional to make a beautiful silk flower arrangement.
Silk flowers are an excellent choice for beginners because they
are easy to work with and last forever.

The best place to begin is to decide where the flowers will be
placed. A flower arrangement that is for the centerpiece of a
dining table will definitely look different than a flower
arrangement that is going to be on a shelf or in a corner.

Next, pick a vase. The size and shape of the vase will determine
the size of the flower arrangement. One very good I can give you
is the Vario Vase (http://www.variovase.nl/eng/index.htm). This
allows you to arrange the flowers more easily and evenly.

The only limit when choosing the flowers to arrange is your
imagination. You can select a bunch of flowers that are the same
color but in varying hues of that color. For instance choose
several flowers that are different shades of yellow, from palest
lemon to deep gold. Or you can work with all warm shades like
yellow, orange and red, or all cool shades like blue, purple and
green. It is best to choose three or more colors with one of
them being more dominant than the others. It helps to have a
color wheel that shows complementary colors, secondary colors
and other pleasing color combinations.

To choose your design, you can go with a horizontal design or a
vertical design, depending on what it is going to be used for. A
vertical design that is spare and simple will look stunning on a
corner table, and a horizontal design would look great on a
buffet table or dining table. Use odd numbers of flowers to get
the best effect.

Some people like to start with the greenery and fillers, and
others like to start with the flowers. Experiment with both ways
to find out which is more comfortable for you. Remember not to
overload your vase. When you are done, take a step back and view
your design. You want it to look symmetrical.

If you still feel like your flower arranging skills are not the
best, you can always take a class at your local craft store or
college. Making your own silk floral arrangements can be fun and

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bob_Hett

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